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Grants Provide Opportunities for Outdoor Learning at Wilson

"I wish we could do this everyday!" exclaimed a 4th grade student while working outside in the Wilson courtyard.  She and her classmates had patiently waited for Spring to arrive so they could transplant the tomato and pepper plants they grew indoors from seeds.  The students knew that having the right temperature was just one of the basic needs of plants to grow.  They had researched plant life cycles, created informational videos about gardening, and were ready to put their knowledge to the test. A student shows two pepper seeds in her hand. Fourth Grade students plant tomato seeds to grow indoors. Little seedlings begin to sprout. The courtyard at Wilson did not always have a designated space for students to garden.  As pictured below, the underused space was in need of a revamp.  Thanks to the South Bend Education Foundation and Lowe's Toolbox for Education , grants were awarded in the spring of last year to make "The Courtyard Project"

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